4th European Indoor Athletics Championships in Tallin/EST 2012

The athletics competitions will be conducted in accordance to the rules and regulations of the IAAF from 2012

The technical committee will be composed of the EDSO Technical Official for Athletics, one EDSO Representative and three members who will be appointed by the Organizing Committee:
  1. Dieter Norf, EDSO Technical Officier
  2. Bjorn Roine, EDSO Representative
  3. Toomas Sepp, President, Committee Organizing Local
  4. Timo Tarve, Chief referee for track and field
  5. Sergei Matvijenko, Official Estonia
The protest committee will be composed of the EDSO Technical Official for Athletics and three members who will be appointed by the Organizing Committee:
  1. Dieter Norf, EDSO Technical Officier
  2. Bjorn Roine, EDSO Representative
  3. Timo Tarve, Chief referee for track and field
  4. Sergei Matvijenko, Official Estonia
  5. Eero Pevkur, Official Estonia
The Athletics competitions will take place at Lasnamäe Athletics Hall in Tallinn/EST. The hall provides 8 synthetic lanes (just) and 6 synthetic lanes (round), each set up with photo finish equipment.

There will be a warm-up facility in the hall. No warm-up will be allowed on the main track.
The training venue is the same as the competition venue.

Date Track Field
14 March 2012 12.00 -17.00 12.00 -17.00

During the training we kindly ask you to apply for your equipment at the technical staff providing your official accreditation card. You will get back the official accreditation card when returning the equipment. Training at the hall may take place if there aren’t any events, occasionally from 13 to 14 during neither the competitions nor training neither warm-up will be permitted on the tracks. There will be a warm-up room in the hall.
05.1.The Organising Committee will provide equipment and implements for the competition as well as for warm-up and training. All equipment and implements used during competitions will comply with the IAAF Rules and Regulations.
05.2.The use of own equipment is not permitted, except in the case of vaulting poles, which must be handed to the technical room on the day preceding the competition.
05.3.Implements and other equipment provided were chosen by the Organizing Committee from types generally available:

Shots  7.260 kg

1. Nordic Olympic Super d128 mm, YellowI-99-00212 pcs
2. UCS d129 mm, RedI-99-01191 pcs
3. Pacer Turned Shots d128 mm, BlackI-99-00541 pcs
4. Nordic Brass d110 mm, GoldI-99-00231 pcs
5. Nordic Stainless Steel d115 mm, SilverI-99-00241 pcs


Shots  4.000 kg

1. Polanic Turned Steel d100 mm, Blue mattI-99-01501 pcs
2. Nordic Sport Turned Stainless Steel d95 mm, SilverI-99-00281 pcs
3. Nordic Sport Steel d104 mm, BlackI-99-00261 pcs
4. UCS Turned Steel d96 mm, YellowI-99-01131 pcs
5. Polanic Stainless Steel d105 mm, MetalI-00-02321 pcs
6. Nordic Sport Turned Steel d108 mm, RedI-99-00251 pcs
06.The 4th European Indoor Athletics Championships comprises the following 23 events (11 for men and 12 for women):
60m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 60m hurdles, 4 x 400m relay, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put
60m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 60m hurdles, 4 x 400m relay, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put

Triple jump
Take-off line for men 11m and for women 9m

07.The present schedule for the competition refers to the actual number of participants entered in 15 September 2011 and may be subject to alterations. The final schedule for the competitions will be issued shortly before the competitions are starting.
08.1.The Athletics competitions will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the IAAF from 2012. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, the English text shall prevail. Unforeseen incidents not covered by the Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with as follows:
  • Cases of a general nature will be resolved in accordance with EDSO guidelines.
  • Technical questions shall be resolved according to the technical regulations and statements. If there isn’t any specification, the IAAF compendium, from 2012 shall be consulted. All requests may be posed at the technical meeting.
Only athletes who comply with the EDSO guidelines are entitled to take part in the athletics competitions of the European championships.
8.2.1.Individual Events: each national association may enter three (3) athletes for each event.
8.2.2.Relays: each national association may enter one (1) team for each relay race. Relay teams may be composed of up to six (6) athletes. Once the team has started in a competition, only two (2) substitutes may take part in subsequent heats or finals. Substitutes only may be taken from the list of athletes entered for the athletics competition, whether for the relays or for any other athletics event.
An athlete who has taken part in one round and subsequently has been substituted by another cannot form part of that team again.
Team running order must be officially declared at the tournament centre, 2 hours prior to the start of the first round. Then the running order can’t be changed. Athlete substitutions max. 2 may be made after this time, up to Call Room time.
08.3.1.Preliminary entries with an indication of the probable number of athletes in each sport and event had to be submitted to EDSO representative, Bjorn Roine by 15 May 2011 at the latest.
08.3.2.The final entries with the names of each athlete indicating sport and event entered must be submitted to EDSO representative, Bjorn Roine no later than September 2011. Entries may be effected by e-mail followed by the original official entry form.
08.3.3.No changes or additional entries will be accepted after 15 February 2012.
08.3.4A fine of 20 Euro is levied on each non-starting athlete with the exception of those presenting a doctor's declaration that he/she should not be allowed to start.
08.4.Confirmation of Entries
08.4.1.One day prior to the beginning of the competitions the athlete’s intention to compete must be confirmed by himself or by the team manager. This system is to avoid unnecessary heats and qualifying rounds. The tournament centre is located at hall.

The athlete’s registration office is located in the tournament centre. Athletes or team officials must ensure that the officials at the tournament centre confirm or delete each of their entries correctly.

The tournament centre will open on Wednesday, 14 March 2012 for the team managers to confirm the athletes for the first day of competition.
08.4.2.The names of the competitors who will be competing must be reported to the technical committee at the technical meeting.
08.4.3.Only competitors entered by name as in the list of 15 February 2012, and only in the events listed (with the exception of relays as noted in 8.2.2.), may be included on this form.
In case an athlete fails to sign off from an event after confirmation or does not compete in all rounds of an event for which he/she has qualified, s/he may not be permitted to compete in any other event on that day of the competitions, including relays (please carefully note the wording of IAAF Rule 142.4).
8.6.Call Room Procedures
In the call room athletes are supposed to demonstrate that their unitary sports clothing and that numbers, shoes and other equipment comply with the competition rules.

Athletes will proceed to the start of their event from the call room accompanied by a CALL ROOM MARSHAL. Athletes who proceed to an event not accompanied by a marshal may not be allowed to start.

The closing call entry times at the CALL ROOM are:
high jump 50 minutes
long and triple jump, shot put 40 minutes
hurdles and relays 35 minutes
other track events 25 minutes

If an athlete is already or likely to be competing in another event at the designated marshalling time, the athlete or team manager must inform the call room of this prior to the designated marshalling time.

Please read IAAF Rule 144.2d for your better understanding.
08.7.Qualification for Finals - Track Events
Rules for progression and qualifying rounds will be based on the IAAF from 2012 regulations. However, based on final numbers of entered athletes, the rules of conduct may remain subject to alteration directed by technical official.

Rule 214: Seedings, Draws and Qualification in Track Events

60 m, 60 m hurdles

Event provided entries number of the heats
1st round
qualified after place time number of the heats
2nd round
qualified after place time
60 m M – 17
W – 13
2 2
3 2

60 m hurdles M – 8
W – 9

3 2

400 m, 800 m, 4 x 400 m

400 m M – 15
W – 12
3       3
2       2
2 3
800 m M – 13
W – 10
3       3
2       2
2 3
4 x 400 m M – 6
W – 4

1500 m

M – 11
W – 9

3000 m

M – 14
W – 9

08.8.Qualification for Finals - Field Events
Qualifying rounds may be held in some field events, depending on the final number of competitors. This is subject to the discretion of the organizing committee.

If qualifying rounds are required in field events, a benchmark shall be set and all outperforming athletes shall proceed to the final. Benchmarks are to be set at the technical meeting.

If no athletes or fewer than the required number of athletes, achieve the pre-set qualifying standard, the group of finalists shall be expanded to twelve (12) by adding athletes according to their performances in the qualifying competition. If there is a tie for last place it is subject to the technical official’s discretion to allow for more than 12 competitors for the final. In the final all competitors will have three (3) trials to qualify. The eight (8) competitors with the best qualification results will have three (3) more trials. All six (6) performances will be considered as a part of the competition.
08.9.Starting Height

The technical official establishes the starting height and heightening for both the qualifying round and the final. Details will be supplied at the technical meeting. The starting height and heightening for high jump and high jump at pentathlon will be announced at the technical meeting.

09.1. Judges

The athletics competitions of the 4th European Indoor championships will be supervised by certificated officials of the Estonia Athletics Federation.
Protests concerning the result and procedure of an event first have to be submitted to the judges according to IAAF regulations. Objection at the competition’s judge have to be submitted by writing on the respective protest form within 30 minutes after the decision of the judge (together with a fee of 50 Euro).
09.3.Sports Clothing
Each registered athlete shall wear the sportswear of the national federation they are designated to represent for the competitions. No impermissible advertising may be worn.
Shoes for track events should be 9mm maximum and should be equipped with spikes of needle or pyramid type. For field events the heel spike length shall not exceed 9mm except in the high jump, where it shall not exceed 12mm.
09.5.Starting Numbers
Three competition bib numbers will be issued to competitors. These must be worn on the front and back of your sportswear firmly attached (with not less than 4 pins) thus the entire number and sponsorship information can be easily read. Competitors in the high jump may wear only one competition number during the event. No part of the number shall be hidden under the uniform. One bib number has to worn on the training suite.

The competition management may put IAAF rule 143.8 into force, which renders an athlete liable to disqualification if he/she tampers with the competition number in any way.
09.6.Post Event Procedures
At the termination of each event (including field events and heats and semi-finals) athletes must report immediately to the post event control centre located at the white tent just after the finish lines to the inside of the system near in it knows doctor.

Doping controls may be carried out. If athletes have other events or duties (such as interviews or presentations) they should sign the acknowledgement and ask the companion to wait.
09.7.Medal Ceremonies
The medal ceremony will be held at an appropriate moment following the competition in a given event. Athletes taking part in the victory ceremony have to wear shoes (without spikes) and a full training suit in the colours of their national association. Team managers are requested to assist in ensuring athletes are readily available and correctly dressed.
09.8.Hearing Aids
The use of hearing aids or external cochlear implant aids is strictly forbidden during the competition.

The Athletics technical meeting will be held at Lasnamäe Athletics Hall date 14. March 18.00 hrs. Each participating national association may be represented by two (2) officials, of whom at least one must be deaf and, if necessary, an interpreter.

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